The Final Stages, Take Two!

Wow. These past two months have been a whirlwind. I gave myself a tight time-frame for revisions, and they are finally complete. Two rigorous rounds of editing are (insert huge sigh of relief here) behind me and my novel has surely benefited (though my brain and body may be a little worse for the wear, considering I took up residence in front of my computer for those I feel like Expert Witness has been sent through a polishing machine and shines brighter as a consequence.  

What's next? I've decided to enter my novel into the Kindle Scout program. Kindle Scout is Amazon's crowd-sourced publishing program for never-before-published novels. Readers are provided with an excerpt from the novels entered and then have the opportunity to vote for the ones they would like to see published. If the nominated book is chosen, the reader will receive a free copy of the book. I've been enjoying the perks of this program for some time and have discovered great new authors this way. 

So, while the idea of hosting a campaign for my novel is a bit overwhelming, I'm excited about the prospect of introducing Expert Witness to the Kindle Scout program.