Writing On

Now that Expert Witness is out, I've been able to dedicate more time to writing again. (Yeah! The fun part...most of the time:) I am currently working on a dystopian, paranormal YA. This novel is different from my previous romantic suspense and, thus far, the change in perspective, approach and content has been enjoyable to write. I’m hoping to have the first draft completed before May if everything else in my life cooperates. I’ll post updates on my progress. Hopefully, this will keep me on schedule, as I’ll want to have some new updates to share ; ). 

For everyone who has purchased the Kindle or paperback edition of Expert Witness, thank you. I really hope you enjoyed Jordan and Chase’s story and maybe even laughed a few times in the midst of it all. For those who have written reviews or rated the book, another huge thank you. I appreciate the time you took to share your opinions and spread the word about my book. I’m so grateful to my readers. These past few months, I’ve been on this winding, bumpy, anxiety-provoking, thrilling ride that shows no signs of becoming predictable any time soon­– and I feel blessed for every minute of it. Thank you for sharing in the experience.